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RHW Haunting

A Live Journal for The Rachel Hurd-Wood An American Haunting Movie

4 June 1992
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  • rhw_haunting@livejournal.com
Name: Sarah (Sa)
Age: 14
DOB: June 4, 2006
Height: 5'1 and a quarter"
Currently: Freshman in Highschool
Location: Newark, NY (ou probably never even heard of it though)
Actors: Tom Welling, Elijah Wood, John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Jeremy Sumpter, Johnny Depp
Actresses: Rachel Hurd-Wood , Jennifer Connely,Queen Latifah
Movies: Peter Pan, Labyrinth, X-Men, An American Haunting, Sherlock holmeas and the Case of the Silk Stocking, Jane Eyre, Narnia,
Music: All American Rejects, The Killers, Coldplay
TV: LOST, The Nine
Books/Authors: Laura Ingalls Wilder
Activities: Painting, Playing the Flute, or playing in the snow
Email: georgiehenleyfan@hotmail.com